Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Day I Saw My Sister

It was a Wednesday, I think. It was around noon and I was in Broulim's in Rigby. I was picking up some treats for our "End of the Year Speech Party. I'd just picked up the donuts and I was walking out of the bakery/deli area when I saw her. I will admit I didn't recognize her at first. But, something about her caught my eye and my heart. I kept glancing over her way, trying to figure out how I knew this lady. She was sitting at a deli table eating a simple lunch with a lady companion. I knew that I didn't know the lady with her but somehow I knew this one. I walked back and forth for a few minutes and then it came to me. This was my sister, Shelly. I had heard that she had moved to Rigby with her caregiver LuDean but I had not seen her around.
Shelly is the fifth child in our family. She was slow to develop as a baby and I remember going to many Doctor appointments and waiting to hear what the Doctor had to say. They never really gave my parents an explanation but Shelly was a sweet and loving baby. She seldom cried and she smiled a lot. She had her favortie toys and slowly learned to talk with the help of a Speech Pathologist. When she started school the school nurse visited with my mom about a possible thyroid deficiency. She thought that may have been the cause of Shelly's slow development. After some testing they found that it was exactly this and Shelly was given Synthroid to help increase the thyroid flow in her body. In fact, most of our family was checked and several of us were also put on a thyroid suppliment. They said that if Shelly had been given medication soon after her birth she would have developed normally but they did not test for thyroid deficiency in the 50s. Since then they have started doing what is called the "PKU" shortly after the birth and are able to begin treatment immediately if there is a problem like this. Thank goodness for that.
Shelly struggled through school and finally graduated from Aviation High School. Soon after that the family moved to Moreland, Idaho and Shelly became Mom's companion. They would go to the nursing home once a week to do the ladies' hair. Shelly began experiencing emotional difficulties and it became increasing harder and harder for her to remain at home with Dad and Mom. As each of her brothers and sisters had grown up and left home, she couldn't understand why she couldn't also leave. After several attempts to find a good home for her they finally ended up placing her with LuDean in Idaho Falls. Shelly had has had a very hard life and this final home was a real blessing for her.
LuDean has found that it is very hard for Shelly to see family members. After we leave, Shelly begins to cry and is uncontrollable for LuDean. She has asked us not to visit Shelly. I used to take a Christmas gift over for her and it was always so good for me, but seldom good for Shelly. So, after a few trys, I made no further effort to contact her. I just always looked forward to seeing her and getting to visit with her in the next life.
Then there she was. It was so good to see her that I couldn't resist and I approached the table. I quietly introduced myself to her companion and asked it I could visit with Shelly. I was told it would be ok so I sat down for a minute. I said, "Hi Shelly. Do you remember me? I'm Sandy." She smiled a huge smile and said, "Hi Sandy". She remembered me and we visited for a few minutes. Her friend said how glad she was to able to hear more about Shelly and her family. She didn't know much as she was a new companion for Shelly. I answered questions and we visited about Shelly's time on the farm. Shelly could remember some things so we talked about those things. Wow! It was so good to see her and to visit for a few minutes.
As I said my good-byes I looked at Shelly and I saw a most beautiful woman! She glowed. I felt like I might really have seen the Shelly I hope to get to know one day.
That was the day I saw my sister.

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