Sunday, July 10, 2011

Reflections and other Lofty Thoughts

This past week has brought on some interesting and revealing thoughts. Let me explain.
Next weekend 4 of our girls and their little ones will be coming home for a visit. I AM SO EXCITED!! Sometimes I even cry a little just thinking about them being here for a week with us. Anyway, I was trying to think of things they can do here while they are home. As most everyone knows Idaho Falls is not a rustling, busy place, especially for children. So, I decided to make a list to hang on the fridge for when we are sitting around wondering "what can we do".
That's when I started remembering the WONDERFUL times I spent in Pocatello (not much different than Idaho Falls) with my granmas when I was little. Oh my goodness, the memories came flooding back.
We picked peas from her garden, apricots from the tree, drank carrot juice (sometimes more willingly than others), went to the Drive In Theatre in a wagon, sang and danced around her house to her really oldies, but goodies records, walked to the little Drive In on the corner and bought taffy for a nickel, gathered worms at night and put them in the moss to sell to fishermen. Walked through the cemetery across the street, slept outside and listened to Granma tell us all about the stars (she knew everything!), went to the park on Sundays and listened to the Orchestra, went shopping with her in "big downtown Pocatello", pulled taffy and made carmel corn. I still have their recipes. The list goes on and on and on and the memories are wonderful.
That got me thinking how grateful I was that my mom and dad allowed me to go to Granma's house. Without those experiences I wouldn't know what to plan for when my grandchildren come visit me.
I called Mom and told her thanks for the wonderful experiences she gave me so I'd know what to do as a Granma, too!
Bring on the kids!!! It's going to be great!