Friday, March 28, 2008

The Blessings of Paying My Tithing

As Paul Harvey used to say, "And now, for the rest of the story..."
So a while back I told you about how I was really feeling a need to get out of debt (not that we haven't heard that before). But anyway, it was heavy on my heart and I wanted more than anything to be debt-free. I'd been praying about it and then one Sunday while listening to a HC speak, I was prompted that "if (I) would pay my tithing on my gross, (I'd) have what (I) needed." Since I hate to pass up blessings that I'm praying for, I decided to try it. The next Sunday when I got paid I wrote the check out for the gross amount. Yap, that was quite a hunk more than my monthly budget allows, but I also know the Heavenly Father blesses us when we do what He asks. (Kind of like Daniel, heading back to school or Gracie paying her tithing and going without food.

Anyway, I started watching for blessings to come floating in and in the mean time, I filled out a few applications for places that I thought I'd enjoy working at. I even started to get excited about having a 2nd job because, I figured if one came along I'd probably have to take it so I might as well be excited about it.

I kept checking back with those places and still no jobs were coming my way. I was getting nervous about not even having enough for that months bills so I increased my prayers and told Heavenly Father that I really needed His help because I really needed more money to meet the needs and that I would even work for it. He has a unique way of dealing with me because He just kind of says it as it is. He said, "Then you're going to have to fill out some more applications." That made sense to me so that's what I did.

One day I was checking back at Garcia's Mexican Restaurant where I had left an application. The boss just happened to be in and he asked if I could come back in a week for an interview. I say, "Of course." and returned in a week at which time he said, "Can you come back in a week when my trainer is here so we can set up a training session?" Again, I said I could do that. Well, here I am training to be a server at Garcia and I'm so excited to have a job.

After a couple training days I'm not sure if my skills are in restaurant work. I was sent home the first day with about 32 pages they want memorized. I'm tested on them every time I go in and it isn't pretty. I have to know every ingredient in every dish and drink that they serve, not to mention all the protocols of the chain. (I should be studying right now but I'll make up for it tomorrow morning.) My trainer talks faster than I can hear and refers to things I know nothing about. However, I think I may have passed my test yesterday- just maybe! If so, I'll try the next test. They are pass or fail and if I could just remember what I study then I could do ok. If I pass all the tests then I think they'll even pay me to come to work.

And then yesterday, I received a call on my cell when I was in a meeting so I had to wait until I'd left for work at Garcia's before I could listen to the message. I was so excited. It was Joe Holland who is the Head Pharmacist at the Walmart Pharmacy where we get our prescriptions. He was asking if I was still interested in a job with him.

Well, since I'm not sure how Garcia's is going to play out, and since I'd really like to work for Joe, and since Walmart isn't all the way across town and since I could actually walk to it from our house and not use any gas, and since they close at 9:00 on week nights instead of 10:00, I told him "Yes". He said he was impressed with me (he's waited on us ever since Walmart opened the Pharmacy and he's always been a real gentleman) and he was impressed with my resume and, get this, he is tired to teenagers who sometimes show up and sometimes don't and he needs someone "more mature". I replied that I was definitely "more mature". He laughed and I laughed knowing how true it is just in years. So, he's going to get things set up with Personnel and then call me in.

So, see, now I have 3 jobs. Let's hope I can do at least two of them. And like I said, the blessings are just floating in. Next Sunday I'll be able to write out another "gross check" and know that the Lord keeps His promises when we do as He asks.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Bread of Life ~video clip from the Church

Daily Gems
Easter Greetings

With you, we celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
this Easter season. We invite you to view "The Bread of Life"
(approximately 7 minutes), which can be found at the following Web

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cleave Unto Righteousness

Daily Gems
Savior's Protective Care Calms and Heals the Repentant Soul

"The more we cleave unto righteousness, the more we enjoy the protecting care of our Savior. He is the Creator and Lord of the universe. He will calm the winds and the waves. His teachings and Atonement will heal the repentant soul. He is the Messiah or Deliverer, and because of Him, each of us can be in charge of his or her personal world, even as tragedies beset us."

Topics: Savior, protection, repentance

(Keith B. McMullin, "Be Prepared . . . Be Ye Strong from Henceforth," Ensign, Nov. 2005, 11)

Here is the website if you'd like to subscibe to the Daily Gems. Love, Mom (Sandy)
Go to LDS E-mail Subscriptions at and select the
appropriate subscription list. You can also learn more about each list on that page.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Elder Hinckley's Testimony of his Father - President Gordon B. Hinckley

Elder Hinckley was Haini's Mission President ~ STANDING TALL


Date: Sunday, February 03, 2008 8:07:54 PM
Subject: Elder Hinckley 's testimony

Elder Richard Hinckley bore his testimony in Sacrament meeting today. He thanked everyone for the notes, calls, food, flowers, and all they had done for their family.

He said President Hinckley had been diagnosed with cancer early in 2006, and was not expected to last until the end of the year. He and his five children met with Dr. Ward, his cancer doctor, to discuss options. The doctor said they did not know how chemotherapy would work in a 95 year old, as they had not tried it before. President Hinckley said he had three questions, and had them written down on a paper. The first question was "Will I still be able to live on my own?" "Yes", the doctor answered. The second question was "Would I still be able to put in a full day's work?" "Yes", the doctor answered. President Hinckley's final question was "Will I lose my hair?" "No", the doctor answered. President Hinckley then agreed to have chemotherapy. He said his life belonged to the Lord, and He would take him when He was ready. President Hinckley said he needed to do all he could do to prolong his life, for he had work to do.

The doctors discovered the chemotherapy was not working in January (2008). Again, the Hinckley family met with the doctors. At 97 years of age, recommended President Hinckley do nothing. President Hinckley replied again his life belonged to the Lord, and that he needed to do all he could do. He received the more aggressive chemotherapy the Tuesday before he died. On Wednesday, he went to the office and did a full day's work. Thursday morning, he did not get out of bed.

Elder (Richard) Hinckley said he was scheduled to go preside over a stake conference in Henderson , Nevada that weekend. Before he left, he talked with his dad, and felt prompted to give him a blessing. He also said he would take his cell phone, and keep it on. Saturday, after meetings, around 4pm, President Packer called and told him he needed to come home. He did, and stayed with his father and other members of his family until his father died.

Sunday afternoon, Presidents Monson, Eyring, and Packer came and gave President Hinckley a blessing. About 7pm, President Hinckley took his last breath, and passed away peacefully.

Elder Hinckley shared some anecdotes about his father. He said one of his dad's favorite pictures was a picture of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, with a photo of a singing President Hinckley electronically placed right in the baritone section. He would show it to everyone who came to visit. Elder Hinckley said this photo was something family members would fight over. Thursday night, after their practice, members of the Tabernacle Choir asked for their own private viewing. After, they presented each member of the Hinckley family with that photo.

Elder Hinckley spent a lot of time at the Conference Center during the viewing. One of the ushers shared a moment with him, which he thought was sweet-a small boy came through with his father. he asked his dad "Do you think President Hinckley has met Nephi yet?"

Elder Hinckley said true to form, his father had his funeral planned down to the last detail, leaving no decisions to his children. He planned the speakers, the hymns, everything. He said his father had "every button buttoned, and every knot tied"-as always, prepared.

Some of the things Elder Hinckley said about his father were that "he was reverent, faithful, humble, and true". As a family, the Hinckley 's said, "We hope others will turn their hearts to the Savior".

He said a new prophet would be announced tomorrow, around 11am, and, although the Hinckley family had never tried to be in the limelight, they were ready to step back and fade into the background as this new prophet takes his place.

Elder Hinckley said there were many flowers at the funeral, so he brought up two arrangements to our chapel for us to enjoy. One arrangement was from President Hinckley's counselors; the other from the quorum of the seventy. He said they didn't need all of the flowers at home, and that they were going to die anyway, and invited all of us to come up and take a flower after sacrament meeting. Many of us did so after the meeting, and we have made a bouquet we are enjoying here at the house. We are planning to dry as many as possible.

Annie babysat this morning for Michael and Heather Hinckley while they attended Music and the Spoken Word. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir was singing a medley of President Hinckley's favorite hymns. They had reserved 100 seats for the Hinckley family, and Heather and Michael (they are the ones who lived in our house while we were in Honduras), went.

It has been a very spiritual day for me, and something I really need during this dreary winter. We have had snow about every other day this January, and cold since the first of December. We have four feet on the side of our driveway, and two feet in the yard, and it is snowing again. I am glad I have these beautiful flowers, and memories of President Hinckley, to lift me up.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Promised Blessings

"While it may be true in some instances that our promised blessings will be fulfilled only in the eternities, it is also true that as we search, pray, and believe, we will often recognize things working together
for our good in this life."

Topic: Blessings

(Susan W. Tanner, "All Things Shall Work Together for Your Good," Ensign, May 2004, 105)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

What Is This Thing That Men Call Death - President Hinckley's Poem/Song

I'm not able to upload the sheet music for this song. I will forward it by email so you can download and print it off yourselves. If you want it and don't get it through by email, just let me know. Love you!

Feelings of the Heart

It's a beautiful, bright, sunny, Sunday morning and I'm sitting here at my computer with gratitude in my heart, since I love the sunshine. I've sorted out, copied and prepared several stories and inspiring clips to add to my Uplift My Soul blog. I was wondering what to call this post when the speaker from the Sounds of Sunday on the radio mentioned "the feelings of the heart" and I realized that is just what I was looking for. These are articles, pictures or quotes that are feelings of my heart. I hope you find something uplifting and inspirational for you here.

I've also started a file of other thoughts to share as I can. I love you all and pray that you will have what you need today and forever forward. Together we will have all that we need to prepare ourselves to return to our Savior and our Father together. Happy Sunday and even more than that HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRACIE!!

A friend just sent this to me. I thought that you might like it, especially the music and the words. Flora

Flora is a sister who works in the Provo Temple and met Seth while he was in the MTC. She took a real liking to him and we've kept in touch ever since then. She sent me this email a while back. There is also a website where you can download and print off a copy of the song they sang at Pres. Hinckley's funeral from the poem that he wrote. I will try to add the website since it hasn't come through with the email letter.

Don't forget to open the 'attachment' to see the hymn.
From: Janice K. Perry
To: Senior Missionary Friends
Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2008 8:28 AM
Subject: story behind hymn sung at pres. hinckley's funeral

During President Hinckley's funeral the Tabernacle Choir sang a hymn text written by President Hinckley which I set to music in December. I would like to share the story of it with you:
About two months before my niece Kathy Blacker died, on January 11, 2008,
she found a three-verse poem by President Hinckley among her files.
Although she was resigned to dying, she had some fears about the dying
process and his words greatly comforted her, especially the second verse
which described exactly what she was feeling. She wrote to Pres.
Hinckley's office to ask permission to have the poem printed on her funeral
program, and she received a very nice letter from his secretary, Don H.
Staheli saying that President Hinckley gave his permission for her to do so.
The letter also conveyed some very comforting words from Pres. Hinckley
which were helpful to Kathy in her final weeks, and he said he
would remember Kathy in his prayers.

Then Kathy suggested that I write and ask permission to give the poem a
hymn setting. I did so, and Brother Staheli conveyed President Hinckley's
permission for me to write the hymn. After offering some heartfelt prayers
that I might be able to write appropriate music for his profoundly beautiful
and moving text, I wrote the hymn setting and sent a copy to President
Hinckley's office for approval at the end of December. I received an
immediate response.

Kathy passed away January 11 and after her funeral I sent a copy of her
funeral program to President Hinckley's office so he could see how nicely
his poem was displayed along side my brother Gary Kapp's painting of Christ.
When I heard President Hinckley had passed away last Sunday night I was
feeling a little sad to think I hadn't received a letter with his official
approval. But the very next day, after his passing, the hoped-for letter
arrived with his approval, his permission for me to publish it in a future
volume of my series Inspirational New Hymns for Choir and Home, and leaving
it to my discretion as to whether to submit it to the Church Music Division.
The timing was so unusual and I was extremely grateful to receive the letter
as a tender mercy in my life.

Then on Monday afternoon Craig Jessop, Tabernacle Choir Director, heard
about the hymn and had his office call me to obtain a copy of the hymn for
consideration for President Hinckley's funeral. On Tuesday, while
travelling in California, I learned that the hymn would be performed by The
Tabernacle Choir at President Hinckley's funeral on Saturday.

Having seen the great comfort this hymn brought to my niece who died just
two weeks before President Hinckley passed away, my great desire is for
people throughout the world to have a free copy of these magnificent words
of President Hinckley to comfort them in times of the loss of loved ones.
This is just one more way his influence could be felt down through time.