Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Quiet Peace

Today was Fast Sunday and our wonderful ward had assembled in the Chapel to partake of the Sacrament and bear our testimonies. It's always a good experience to attend Sacrament Meeting in our ward. Our members are very kind and loving people who have strong testimonies which they bear in words and in deeds!

A couple of weeks ago our Bishop had encouraged us to use our Testimony time to it's fullest by bearing our testimonies more. So, today I heeded his counsel and bore my testimony. Many others followed with their testimonies and there was such a feeling of love when we closed.

It is the RS's turn to clean up the building each Sunday since we are the last ward meeting each week. After the closing prayer I put my things on the bench and went to dump garbages, etc. When we were all done I went back into the Chapel to get my things. The lights had been dimmed and the room was clean and orderly. Even as I stepped inside and the Chapel doors closed behind me I could feel a very peaceful, feeling in the room. It was quiet with almost a sacred feeling there. I could almost sense the Spirit of the Lord in His chapel. I felt a desire to sit on a bench and just absorb the peace that was there. This is a feeling that I've had in the Temples but not necessarily so in a Chapel. Having had that experience today I hope I will remember it and be more reverent and sensitive to the Spirit there next time.
What a blessing it was to my day.


Will Thomas said...

Thank you for this message. Jenni & I are speaking in Sacrament next week about reverence and this is what I envision as reverence in the chapel.

When I cleaned the Portland temple in the evenings. That was my favorite thing to do: go into the celestial room in the quiet, peaceful, dark and just ponder.

Sandy said...

How awesome it would be to have the "alone" time in the temple. I'm sure your were being blessed because of your mission service, to have such a great job.
Good luck (?) with your talks. I'm sure you'll both do wonderfully.